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   Josephine Clock


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  Take a Quiz on the Josephine Clock

Here is a fun quiz on facts about this amazing clock and its history. Click the letter of the answer you think is correct, and the question mark will let you know if you are correct!

1. When was the clock was made

A before Napoleon became Emperor.

B while Napoleon was Emperor and Josephine was Empress.

C after Josephine was banished.

2. The clock has animated workings of

A ancient Greek figures.

B serpents and snakes.

C birds and Ancient Roman figures.

3. Neptune, pictured on the clock, is

A the god of war.

B the god of the underworld.

C the god of the oceans.

4. When Josephine was divorced, where did the clock go?

A To her retirement home in La Maimison.

B Napoleon gave it to his new bride, Marie Louise, to keep.

C He gave it to his brother, Joseph.

5. The Clock maker, Jean Francois de Belle, made the clock

A in less than three months.

B in several years.

C about a year.

6. The clock was missing

A from around 1815 to 1936.

B from around 1806 to 1936.

C from around 1815 to 1945.

7. It is thought that the clock came to Philadelphia

A as a gift from Josephine's daughter, Hortense, to James Madison.

B when Napoleon's brother, Joseph, left Europe.

C when Josephine was banished.

8. The majestic symbols of strong animals and Roman gods found on the clock

A are probably symbolic of Josephine's character.

B are probably symbolic of Napoleon's character.

C are probably symbolic of how the clock maker thought Napoleon saw himself.

9. The clock today is on display at

A the Franklin Institute.

B Woodlawn Gardens, home of James Madison.

C the Smithsonian Institute.

10. The clock was made during 1805. In the year 2000, the clock

A is a little more than 200 years old.

B a little less than 200 years old.

C around 100 years old.

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Carla Schutte, Mike Lipinski, Susan Silverman
Gail Watson, Tammy Payton
March 2000