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Testimonials for the Frick Electric Program Clock

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Read some fascinating testimonials written by people in the late 1800's who used the Frick Electric Program clock.

Kansas City, Mo., June 5, 1896

My Dear Sir:

We have had in the Central High School for three or four years the Automatic Electric Program Clock manufactured at Waynesboro, Pa. It has proven entirely satisfactory. Life would be a burden without it. It is now doing service in fifty rooms. I recommend it to the school public as a clock that will do everything claimed for it.

Very truly yours,
John T. Buchanan, Principal

Sedalia, Mo., June 18, 1896

Dear Sir:

Your Electric Program Clock, with Automatic Signaling Apparatus, has been in use in our High School building for eight months and gives complete satisfaction. The eighteen gongs ring out the program with unfailing regularity. We would not do without it for many times its cost.

Very truly,
C.V. Buchanan, Supt. City Schools

Mt. Allison Ladies' College
Sackville, N. B.
April 28, 1896
Dear Sir:

In answer to your note of the 25th inst., I beg to say that we have found the program clock you furnished us entirely satisfactory. It has proved to be a good time keeper and has accomplished all that you claim for it. It rings ten distinct bells located in five different buildings scattered over the college campus. In some of these half hours periods are marked off and in others the full hour is given to suit the requirements of the work. Thus the interchanging classes of the five different departments of our educational system are perfectly synchronized. We would not be without it for five times its cost.

Yours very truly,
B.C. Borden, Prest.

The Hill School
Pottstown,Pa., Feb. 12, 1897

To Whom It May Concern:

I am glad to bear testimony to the efficiency of the Automatic Program Clock, furnished by Fred. Frick of Waynesboro, Pa., and to say that I consider it so valuable as to be almost indispensable to the modern school.

John Meigs, Ph.D., Principal

Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster, Pa., Nov. 10, 1896

Dear Sir:

It affords me pleasure to say that the Program and Time System you have furnished Franklin and Marshall college gives complete satisfaction. The bells are rung in all the different rooms with promptness and regularity. The system is not only a great convenience but also an incentive to promptness and regularity to both teachers and students.

Very truly yours,

John S. Stahr, President

Morgan Park Academy, University of Chicago
Morgan Park, Ill., Nov. 13, 1896

Dear Sir:

Your Automatic Electric Program Clock has been in operation in this school nearly a year. At present we have five buildings connected with one clock. There has never been the slightest failure on the part of the clock to do its duty and we should be entirely at a loss without it now. No one factor contributes so strongly towards punctuality and regularity in our work. It is of the greatest advantage to have all signals rung at exactly the same time in all the buildings with no chance of forgetfulness on the part of the janitor. I find it also a great convenience when, on account of some especial emergency, a change is made in the program to be able to go to the Program Dial and in a moment put in the necessary pins, thus relieving my mind of any further anxiety. The Clock cannot be too highly commended.

Yours very truly,

Charles H. Thurber
Dean Morgan Park Academy

Adrian College
Adrian, Mich., Dec. 30. 1895

We have enjoyed the service of Frick's Automatic Electric Signal Apparatus at our College during the past term, and are pleased to testify to the efficiency and perfection of its work. It has never failed to give us every signal in our six different programs, and the accuracy of its time has proved a valuable factor in the discipline of our institution. The apparatus has proved itself all that Mr. Frick claims for it, and it is up to date as an application of electricity and ingenuity.

W.H. Howard, Sec.
(Prof. of Physics and Chem.)

I can most cheerfully indorse the above recommendation in every particular.
D.C. Thomas
Pres. Adrian College

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