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Teaching Resources

Resource Helps for Student Activities
Answer Keys to Student Activities
Scavenger Hunt #1 - Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
Scavenger Hunt #2 - Inventors and Inventions
Printable Student Activities
Word Search
Cross Word Puzzle
Scavenger Hunt #1 - Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
Scavenger Hunt #2 - Inventors and

Lesson Plans

It's About Design
A lesson plan which helps students learn more about the patent process, the items needed to apply for a patent and how to protect "intellectual property" or a new invention. The activities include a simulation of applying for a patent. Teachers can print out a Virtual Online Patent for students.
Here's to You!
A writing lesson designed to help students understand how to persuade their readers. Students will read some testimonials written by school principals and others for the Frick Clock and them work on writing a tesimonial or persuasive ad of their own.
What Time Is It?
How have people measured time throughout history? Can you create a timeline to show different timekeeping devices. This lesson includes some fascinating information about timekeepers (clocks), how time came to be standardized world wide and the role that railroads played.
The Newest Time Keeper on the Block
Learn about the Long Now Y10K clock which will run for 10,000 years and use it to motivate students to create their own futuristic timekeepers.
More Lesson Ideas
A page of lesson ideas you can use and develop about how clocks work, how clocks keep time, how some terms associated with clocks have changed over time, a language activity with time phrases and more.

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