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Frick Clock Quiz

Click in the circle next to the correct answer for each of the questions.Click on the Calculate score button when you have answered all the questions. Use the RESET button and then RELOAD the page into your browser to try the quiz again. If you need help, read the Frick Information Page or view the Frick Slide Show.

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1.Which named part of the Frick clock has changed its use and meaning over the years?
B.Hard Drive
C.Programmed Disk

2. Why did the the Frick programable clock have two motors?
A.One for the minute hand and one for the second hand.
B.One for the clock and one for the bells.
C. One for the clock and one for the program disk.

3. The programable clock could only be set to ring bells at the same times every day.

4. Could the programable clock be set to ring bells or sound signals in more than one building?

5. The first name of the creator of the Frick Electric Program Clock is -
A. Murphy
B. Fred
C. Chet


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Carla Schutte, Mike Lipinski, Susan Silverman
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March 2000