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   Frick Clock

Crossword Puzzle

Frick Crossword Puzzle

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  • Click the mouse or use the Arrow keys to position the arrow to begin.
  • Use Control and Space Bar to switch between Across and Down directions
  • Set Hints On or Off with the Hint button (With Hints On - an incorrect letter will flash after you enter it.)
  • Scrolling down will make the puzzle flicker. Wait and it will stop.
  • The Delete key or Space Bar will remove a letter
  • Click on Solution to see the correct answers and again to return to working on the puzzle.

If you prefer to print out the puzzle you can do so by going to the PRINT VERSION.

[Click the About button for info on making your own Internet puzzles]

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Carla Schutte, Mike Lipinski, Susan Silverman
Gail Watson, Tammy Payton
March 2000