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   Frick Clock

Clock Tour

spring motor program disk pendulum for 8-day clock clock face

Here are several ways that you can explore the Frick Electric Program Clock.
Clock Tour
Click on a numbered area appearing on the clock to the left to go to a more detailed picture or one which shows the parts of that section.
Patent Drawings
View the patents that Fred Frick submitted to the U.S. Patent Office.
Virtual Tour
Take a tour of the clock using MetaStream. You will need to have a browser plug in installed to do this. A link is provided on the page so you can down load what is needed.
Slide Show
Look at an introductory slide show of the Frick Electric Program Clock.

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Carla Schutte, Mike Lipinski, Susan Silverman
Gail Watson, Tammy Payton
March 2000