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   Frick Clock

Student Activities

Explore information and discover the history of the Frick Clock
Clock Tour - visit this quick overview of this clock
Patent Drawings - view the original patents submitted by Frick
Virtual Tour - take a 3D tour
Slide Show - take a more in-depth look at this clock
More Information - read this informational article about the history
Glossary of Terms - read the frequently used terms and definitions
Two Kinds of Frick Clocks - discover the two kinds of clocks
Excerpt from Journal - read the announcement from 1899
Testimonials - written by those who owned the clocks in the late1800's

Quizzes and Games
Patent Quiz - check your knowledge on patents
Frick Clock Quiz - after exploring information, test your knowledge
Clock Crossword Puzzle - test your knowledge of the terms used
Word Search - another way to hone your clock skills
Scavenger Hunt #1 - search info on patent, trademarks, and copyrights
Scavenger Hunt #2 - search info on other inventions and inventors
Frick Jig Saw Puzzle - help put the pieces back together

Collaborative Project
Millennium Clock Project - publish a clock design created by your class

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Carla Schutte, Mike Lipinski, Susan Silverman
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March 2000