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Jersey City, New Jersey

The time in New Jersey is:

The World Famous Colgate Clock

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In Jersey City, on Hudson St. you'll find the Colgate Clock, the world's largest. This mighty timepiece looks out over the Hudson River, and has a face 50 feet in diameter, and a minute hand 23 feet long weighing 2,200 pounds.

The Company was founded by William Colgate as a starch, soap, and   candle business on Dutch Street in New York City. The first Colgate advertisement (for "Soap, Mould & Dipt Candles")  appeared in a New York newspaper.

Colgate introduced perfumed soap and began the manufacture of  perfumes and essences. The first milled perfumed toilet soap, Cashmere Bouquet, was  registered as a trademark.  The Peet Brothers (William, Robert, James) started a soap company in   Kansas City, Kansas.

An aromatic toothpaste in jars was introduced.  Colgate® dental cream was the first to be packaged incollapsible  tubes similar to those in use today.  The first Colgate research laboratory was established under the  direction of Dr. Martin H. Ittner.

Palmolive® soap, originally manufactured as a floating soap, was  introduced by the B. J. Johnson Soap Company. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of Colgate &Company, the  line of products included many laundry soaps, 160 different kinds of  toilet soap, and 625 varieties of perfume.

The first Colgate Clock, its face measuring 37 1/2 feet in diameter  and covering an area of 1,104 square feet, was installed on the roof  of one of the Jersey City factory buildings. After the longest continuous tenancy on record in New York City, 104 years, the entire Colgate organization left the original  buildings on Dutch and John Streets and moved to Jersey City. The B. J. Johnson Soap Company incorporated and changed their name  to the Palmolive Company because of the immense success of Palmolive  toilet soap. The first Colgate Clock was moved to the new factory at  Jeffersonville and a new clock, the face 50 feet in diameter, was put in its place on the Jersey City building.

The Palmolive Company and Peet Brothers merged to form the Palmolive-Peet Company, with Charles S. Pearce as its President. Colgate Company merged with Palmolive-Peet Company. Sales reached $100,000,000.  Fab® detergent and Ajax® cleanser were introduced.

The present corporate name of Colgate-Palmolive Company was  adopted. Domestic and International Headquarters were established in the  Colgate-Palmolive Building, 300 Park Avenue, New York City. Palmolive dishwashing liquid was introduced, offering exceptional hand-care benefits.  Sales passed the $1 billion mark. Colgate toothpaste was reformulated with MFP Fluoride  (Monofluorophosphate), termed the best possible protection against  tooth decay.

Ultra Brite®, positioned as a cosmetic toothpaste, was introduced. Irish Spring® was introduced as a deodorant soap. The Company acquired Hill's Pet Products, which specializes in dietary management for pet health.

Colgate celebrated its 175th Anniversary.  Colgate winterfresh gel toothpaste first appeared in the  market place.  Palmolive automatic dishwashing liquid was introduced, the first  liquid for use in automatic dishwashers.  Colgate acquired the liquid soap businesses from the Minnetonka  Corporation and formed Softsoap Enterprises to market these and  other specialty consumer products.

Colgate announced a major new redevelopment project on the  waterfront in New Jersey. Office space, housing, parks, a hotel and  a marina will be built on the site once occupied by Colgate's Jersey  City plant. The Company acquired Javex® bleach in Canada, making  Colgate-Palmolive the #1 marketer of bleach outside the United   States. Colgate acquired Murphy® Oil Soap, the leading wood cleaner in the   United States. Colgate acquired the international rights to Plaxanti-plaque   mouthwash.  Colgate acquired The Mennen Company and its Speed Stick® deodorants/anti-perspirants and Baby Magic® product lines.

Colgate extended its global business reach to include Romania and  China. Colgate acquired the liquid soap brands of S.C. Johnson in Europe  and the South Pacific, making Colgate-Palmolive the global leader in  this category. Work was completed on one of the most modern oral care facilities  in the Colgate world, built in Huangpu, China.  Colgate acquired the Kolynos® Oral Care Business in LatinAmerica.

Colgate's extensive oral health education program called Bright  Smiles Bright Futures, expanded its reach to 50 countries and 35  million children.  Colgate opened a state of the art liquids factory and warehouse in  Thailand and significantly expanded its liquids facility in Cambridge, Ohio.  Colgate Total® becomes the first toothpaste ever approved by the  U.S. Food and Drug Administration and accepted by the American  Dental Association for protection against cavities, gingivitis, and  plaque.  The implementation of SAP integrated software across the Colgate  supply chain contributes to increased profitability.  Thanks to the tremendous success of the Colgate Total launch, Colgate decisively becomes toothpaste market leader in the U.S.  for the first time in more than 30 years.

C olgate 3x/day keeps the dentist away

O utstanding mighty timepiece

L ocated in Jersey City's commerce center

G azing across the Hudson River to NYC

A mazes tourists from near and far

T wo thousand, two hundred pounds of metal & steel

E ight sided perimeter of an octagon

C enter for trade, transportation, and industry

O ver 200,000 people in Jersey City

L ady Liberty stands tall in Jersey City waters

G reat Dutch settlement-Pavonia-Paulus Hook, JC

A rt & science interactive exhibits at Liberty Science Center

T imepiece with mighty grandeur smiling on NYC

E xtensive sightseeing attractions world known