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Teresa Jones
Perry Elementary School
Perry, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Time

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Mrs. Jones' Clock

Mobier clocks are popular and widespread in France and Switzerland, originating mostly from the French Jura. They emerged at the end of the 17th century and were produced in large numbers up to the beginning of the 20th century. The wall clocks are distinct in their ornate box and lyre pendulum. The 3rd generation of Morez clocks, the dial surround is out of pressed sheet brass or brass hoop (solid or sheet), heavy pendulum with brass and iron rods, often with lyre-shaped decoration, with large, polished brass disc (approx. 30 cm diameter), pendulum in front of weights, anchor escapement (never verge escapement). To see more Mobier clocks similar to our's visit
Our clock belongs to Jim and Pat Thompson. They are my parents. They live in here in Perry. The clock was given to them by Pat Thompson's parents about 20 years ago. They purchased the clock in the 1960's from a minister living in Oklahoma City that had been a missionary in many countries.  It is believed to be nearly 200 years old.

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Title: Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)

One hot sunny day Jack and John were getting ready to go to Grandma Lilly's for the week. They packed their bags and jumped in the car. They noticed their Mom and Dad were acting strangely. They were afraid to ask what was wrong.

When they got to Grandma Lilly's, she was in bed with a glass of water and pills beside her. We all sat quietly around the bed and they told us the news that Grandma Lilly had cancer and wouldn't live much longer.

Jack and John were so sad they went outside to think. John suggested they go to the library. They wanted to read about ways to help fight cancer. Suddenly, Jack saw a weird ancient book with an unusual bird on it stuck under one of the tables. They pulled it out and read the title, The Legend of Tempus Fugit. "The legend says that Tempus Fugit is a bird that carries time on its wings," read Jack.

"It says the bird is elusive," said John.   What does that mean?" asked Jack.  "Let's look it up," John suggested. "The dictionary says, 'tending to evade grasp or pursuit.'"
"I guess that means it's hard to catch?" Jack said.

"Hey, look John!   It says if you catch it, you can control time. Whenever the bird flies slowly, times goes by slowly. Whenever the bird flies fast, time goes by fast. And when the bird stops, time stops. Do you know what this means, John?   It means if we catch it, we can save Grandma Lilly!"

"What do you mean?" asked John.  "I mean, we can stop time and she won't die!"  They began to flip through the book and Jack noticed an unusual recipe in the back of the book.  Jack said, "What kind of recipe is this?  Dried leaves, acorns, an old wrist watch and sand." "I think it's a spell, Jack!  It is!   Look, it says here that the spell will bring the bird to you! " That's it, John!  Let's go find what we need to make this spell work!" Jack exclaimed. "Where are we going to get acorns and dried leaves in the summer?"asked John. "We can get acorns with a ladder.  Grandma Lilly has an Oak tree in her front yard.  We may have to dry out some leaves." So the boyswent off to gather supplies for the spell.

That night, they sneaked out after everyone was in bed. Theyfound a pail in the backyard and went to the garage.  After putting all of the ingredients in, they set the pail under the moonbeam. They left it there until the next night.

Waiting in the barn, they heard a ticking sound. When they looked out, they saw a bird. The ticking was the sound of the bird's wings flapping.   The bird spoke. "Why have you brought me here," John asked, "Are you Tempus Fugit?" "I am," said the bird.  Jack said, "We need your help." John added, "Grandma Lilly is very sick with cancer.  We want you to stop time."  "I need you to do something for me.  Get a clock that is running." "Why?" Jack asked. "So that you can see time stop when my wings stop," replied Tempus Fugit.

They ran to the house to get a clock. When they came back out, Tempus Fugit stopped beating his wings.  The ticking stopped.  The clock stopped.  Time stopped.  "Thank you Tempus Fugit!" the boys said.   They went in to go to bed.  The next morning, or what should have been the next morning, they woke up to a dark world.

They looked at the clock. It read 12:13 a.m.  John looked confused and said, "That must be what time it was when Tempus Fugit stopped time."  A little later, their parents came in to their bedroom. "What's going on boys?" asked Dad. The boys took their parents outside and showed them what they'd done. They told them they did it for Grandma Lilly.  Mom and Dad were quiet for a while and then Dad said "Boys, I appreciate what you're trying to do for Grandma Lilly, but you can't stop time forever.  People need to be born, grow up, and maybe find a cure for all cancers.  If you stop time forever, that will never happen."     Mom added, "Just because Grandma Lilly has cancer doesn't mean she will die.  Lots of people get better with treatments and surgery.  We'll hope for the best."

Now the boys had a lot to think about. They decided they had better find Tempus Fugit and get time flying again before people started to panic.   They ran into the barn calling for Tempus Fugit.  But the bird didn't seem to be anywhere in sight.  "What are we going to do now?" asked John.   "Let's search the barn!" Jack said.  "He's got to be in here somewhere!"

They searched the apple barrel, up in the loft, and down in the corn bin.  Finally, they found him snuggled under the hay fast asleep.   "Wake up!" they shouted together.  "We've made a terrible mistake!  We've got to start time again and fast!"

The bird woke up and immediately began to beat its wings. Time had come again. There wasn't too much panic in the world. On the news that night, reporters said that people everywhere called in about a very strange day.  In China they went to bed with the sun still high in the sky and in America, everyone woke up in the dark.  But by the next day everything was back to normal.  Grandma Lilly started treatments for her cancer and the doctors were sure she would get better without surgery.  John and Jack had learned a very important lesson.  When you stop time, you stop progress and progress can be very important to helping people and the world. They also learned that it wouldn't be fun to live forever and never grow up.

The End