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Barbara Kmiotek
John Stecker
Nassakeag Elementary School
Setauket, New York

The time in New York is:

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The mechanical eagle, a well-known Stony Brook landmark was installed in the pediment of the post office in 1941 as a part of philanthropist Ward Melville's reconstruction of Stony Brook.  The wood carved eagle with a twenty- foot wingspan Flaps its wings on the hour from 8 o'clock AM to 8 o'clock PM daily.  It is synchronized with the clock on the cupola of the federalist style post office, which is situated in the heart of the Stony Brook village center, Main Street on the harbor.

A great promoter, Ward Melville- who was the president of the Melville Corporation, also had a penchant for gadgets.  He thought that the mechanical eagle Would bring visitors from all over- as indeed it has over the years.  The eagle was crafted by New York Wood Working Corporation, in Manhattan.  William Fredric Riswald , a local craftsman, carved the eagles head. Littlefield-Alger Signal Company in Rockville Center Designed the mechanical equipment.

The eagle's head faces the opposite direction from that of the American eagle seen on United States currency.  When the discrepancy was called to Ward Melville's attention, he asked that it be left that way.  Legend has it that this was to symbolize a conservative point of view with regard to war.

Deeded to the Ward Melville Heritage Organization by founder Ward Melville, the eagle is owned and operated by WMHO.

This report was researched by: Rachel, Matthew & Andrew


An eagle you might see flapping his wings happily.
High up or near the tip of the tower,
It sits there everyday and every hour.
Even though he's flapping his wings,
He doesn't move at all,
The clock works well and doesn't fall.

by Renee

Tic, toc, tic, toc,
Went the big eagle clock.
With his 20 foot wing span
This wooden bird will never land.
This bird flaps his wings every hour
From 8 am till 8pm in the sun or in a shower.
This famous landmark bird tells the time each and every day
Always without any delay!

by Rachel

A clock strikes 12
no mice around
and an eagle flapping it's wings
the time is 12:00
and I am going to have some fun
today in Stony Brook town

by Allison

O-mighty eagle, America's rock,
turned into a beautiful clock,
measure the hours of our day,
keep us going on our way.

by Alex

What time is it?
That is the question.
That is the question we need to know.
Look at the clock,the clock on the roof where the eagle's wings flap so low.
Watching the people below,
the eagle stands so tall and proud,
watching them talk and walk and shop,
as the hands move silently around.
All the other birds are jealous of the giant bird below.
He's much more known and recognized at that we surely know.

by Laura