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Norma Goddard
Lincoln School

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The Lincoln Clock

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In June of 1993, our Korean Parents' Club gave Lincoln School a special clock. The clock was an end of the year gift to our school. The clock hangs just outside the main office of our school. It has been there for only six years.

Our clock is a beautiful clock made by Howard Miller. Around the clock is a wooden frame that is in the shape of a hexagon. The clock has Hindu Arabic numbers. In place of the six, there is a large circle that keeps track of the seconds.

Our clock is not very old, but it has seen many changes in its short life. It has seen a change in principals. Our new principal took over the job when our other principal went to a new school. The clock has seen students leaving Lincoln School when we had to change the school boundaries. We received new students from a school that is near our school. It has seen our Korean student population increase over the years. The clock has seen a new Macintosh computer lab replace our old Apple IIe computer lab. This summer we had new construction. We had air conditioning installed throughout our entire school.

Everyday children pass under our clock on their way to their weekly visit to the library. Children return their library books and check out new books. The clock watches quietly as children go into and out of the office to see the principal. Parents pass under the clock as they come to enroll their children, to deliver forgotten lunches, and to take their sick children home. The clock watches our former students as they return to Lincoln for a visit with their teachers. Our school is a very busy place and is an important part of our community. Our clock quietly watches and will continue to watch for years to come.

Written by the Second Grade students in Mrs. Goddard's class.