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The time in New York is:

The Clock on St. Mary’s Church,
East Islip, New York

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Our class has been discussing the one of the oldest buildings in our community, the St. Mary's church located on Main Street in East Islip, New York. The church tower houses a large clock. Although the clock has been updated it is the only analog clock in working order on an East Islip building, and is positioned high in the sky for all to view and use.

The church was established in 1902. It is now almost one hundred years old. Many different immigrants helped to build it. There were Germans, English, Irish, Czechs, Italians, Slavs and some French. These people worked on the large estates in the area. The church had a opened a school in 1940 and it is still in existence today.

The large face of the clock has Roman numerals to tell time. The tower is quite beautiful and reflects antique craftsmanship. The Church and the tower symbolize days gone by and the clock itself reminds us of present time, as well as the future ahead.

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"If I Were a Clock!"
Laura R.

If I were a clock like the one on St. Mary’s, I would tell everyone the time. I would try to smile when people looked at me. With my hands I would try to wave. I want to be the best clock I can be. On vacation I would party, because nobody would look at me since they would be partying too! Except of course on New Year’s Eve, when the world would be looking at me!


"If We Were Clocks"
Alexandra C. and Morgan D.

We are clocks. We have a friend named St. Mary’s. We sit on top of her head! We are like people because we have hands. We also have numbers. We go tick tock everyday.

Remember not to annoy us because we "watch" you everyday. Throughout the day we will tell you the time and remind you of all the things you have to do!

We have numbers on our faces you have eyes on your faces. We play number tag by chasing numbers around all day, and you play Tick Tock Tag (That’s regular tag with a new name!)