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Susan Edwards
Maria Saulys
Harbor Country Day School
St. James, New York

The time in New York is:

Community Clock

First Presbyterian Church
Main Street, Smithtown, New York.

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Susan Edwards' third grade class at Harbor Country Day School in Saint James, New York, went all out with this timely clock project!  We used math, science, social studies, geography, art, research, technology and language arts with the clock theme.  During our field trip to the clocks, we recorded our observations.  Using time idioms, symmetry and Roman numerals, the children designed their own unique clocks!  Using our own bodies, we made a living class clock.  We discussed inventions and dismantled a clock to discover how clocks work.  We researched the history of time using a timeline. We have enjoyed our time working on this community clock project.  We would like to thank our computer teacher, Maria Saulys, for her help in this project.

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   Time Connections To The Past
Alexa, Danielle, Erica, Eva, Kristin, and Vincent

Every community in the world has different needs and wants.   In every community, there are certain times that people do things.  A community clock is important to help the people do things on time.  Our third grade class chose to research the community clock on the tower of the First Presbyterian Church on Main Street, in Smithtown, New York.  The founder of Smithtown, Richard Smythe, was also the founder of this church!  Richard Smythe has a fun story told about him and a bull the day he founded Smithtown in 1665.

The bull is now the symbol of Smithtown.  Richard Smythe founded the Church, in the center of Smithtown, 10 years later, in 1775.  The beautiful, tall, white church was without a clock until 1901. The very big, 3-faceclock was donated by Mrs. Rebecca Mills. There are 3 steel drive shafts coming from just one motor and gearbox to operate the 3 big clock faces.  Each face has a door to reach the clockhands.  The 3 faces are made of wood and painted black. They have dark golden Roman Numerals and hands.  The original clock rang the towerbell.  Now there is a separate device for the bell.  Up in the tower, there is a bronze plaque that says "In loving memory of William Henry Mills for many years a trustee of this church."  Clock and bell were placed in this tower by his wife, Rebecca S. Mills, AD 1901.

On the day in December that the clock was first started, there was a dedication ceremony on the front lawn at 3:30 in the afternoon. The Church and the clock became electrified in 1918.

We compared the community church clock to a mantel clock in the parlor of the Historical Caleb Smith House across the street.  On the case of the 26 1/2 inch tall mantel clock, there is a reverse glass painting of the First Presbyterian Church!  The white-face, mahogany mantel clock was made in the 1860s.  The mantel clock was painted by Edna Smith.  Both Caleb and Edna are descendants of Richard Smythe.

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  Using an image of a mouse holding a timepiece, the children were inspired to write creative stories.

Can The Mouse Get Up The Clock?
Matt and Rachael

Once upon a time, there was a mouse, a bird, and a cat on a ship.   People brought some luggage on the ship. In one of the pieces of luggage was a grandfather clock.  The mouse wanted to climb up the clock.  The mouse wanted the bird and the cat to help him get up the clock.  The mouse asked the cat to climb up with the mouse on his back.  The cat tried to climb up, but all he did was scratch and slip.  The mouse asked the bird to help him get up the grandfather clock.  The bird put the mouse on his back and began to fly up.  But when the bird tried, the mouse was too heavy and the bird fell.  They all decided to work together.  So, the cat put the mouse on his head and the bird helped by flying and pulling the mouse.   With the bird's help, the cat jumped really high.  He jumped soooo high, that he jumped to the tip-top of the clock!  Now the mouse was on high time.  The mouse said, "I guess time flies when you work together!"

Mighty Mouse and Pouncer Finish Just In Time!
Rachel and Samantha

Once upon a time, there were two mice brothers named Mighty Mouseand Pouncer.  They went to Swiss Cheese Elementary School in Smithtown.  One day at school, Mighty Mouse and Pouncer's teacher said, "When you are at recess, you will partner up and gather things." At recess, Mighty Mouse and Pouncer found 12 seeds, a big leaf and a small leaf and around piece of glass.  When recess was over, the mouse brothers went back to their classroom.  Their teacher said, "Now you will make a present for your family using the things you collected."

One hour later, the teacher said, "Out of time for the day!"  Everyone sighed.  Everyone went home. Mighty Mouse and Pouncer said to each other, "I hope we do this again tomorrow!" The next day, Mighty Mouse and Pouncer's teacher said, "Start your projects, class.  So they started and the mouse brothers said,"Let's finish today."

First, they used the seeds for the numbers.  Then, they used the big leaf and the small leaf for hands. Last, but not least, they used the glass circle.  They put it over everything.  Half an hour later, their teacher said, "Out of time!" But Mighty Mouse and Pouncer finished just in time!  When they brought the clock home, their family loved it!

Time Really Flies!
Chelsea and Raymond

Once upon a time, there lived the Mouse family.  There was Raymond, Chelsea, and Mommy.  They were very, very rich!  They lived in a very big tree trunk on Sam Street in Smithtown, New York.  At Christmas time, Raymond and Chelsea wanted to find a present for Mommy.  Raymond and Chelsea went everywhere!   Raymond looked at the jewelry store.  Chelsea looked at the beauty store.  They both could not find anything, because their mother had everything.  That's the problem with being rich.

They often thought about what they should do for a gift for Mommy.  One day, Chelsea was walking in Smithtown on Main Street and saw abeautiful church.   It was white with a tower that had three clock faces.  Acrossthe street was the Caleb Smith House.  Chelsea saw a clock store and went in.  While Chelsea had gone in the right side of the store, Raymond came in on the left side.   Separately, they found the perfect gift.  They both bought the same type of gold clock!

Christmas came quickly!  Grandma came for Christmas.   Raymond and Chelsea were about to give the present to their mother, but then, Grandma said,"Boy, does time fly!" All of a sudden, one of the special gold clocks went flying out of the box!  After chasing it for a while, they all caught it.  They gave one special clock to Grandma and one to Mommy.  Now, they know that time really does fly!

The Problem Better Fly!
Leah and Kyle

Jeff, Leah and Susan are siblings.  It is Friday, 8:30 in the morning.  Leah, Susan and Jeff run to the bus stop.  They just made it!  On the way to Harbor Country Day School, they sing on the bus. When they arrive at HCDS, they do symmetry and Roman Numerals.  The day goes by quickly.  In no time, it is 3:00 pm!

On the way home, Jeff spies a pair of shiny new roller skates.   Jeff drags Leah and Susan into the toy shop.  The skates cost $20.  They don't have enough money.  On the way home, they pass a clock shop with a help wanted sign.  Jeff, once again, drags Leah and Susan in the shop to ask about the sign.   A mouse quietly watches them.  The owner tells them that there are 3 openings and they can begin immediately.

The children are left alone in the clock shop, but they don't know how to fix clocks!  The mouse offers to fix all clocks for some cheese.  Ten fixed clocks and ten pieces of cheese later, the owner comes back.  The owner pays the children $20!  It is enough to get the blades!

Jeff, Leah and Susan run all the way back to the toy store to buy the rollerblades.  There is a Friday, half-price sale at this time.  Now the blades cost $10.  With the change, they buy the mouse more cheese.  The moral of the story is - if you work together, the problem flies in no time!