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Manuela Pleger
Hüttenfelder Grundschule
Hessen, Germany

The time in Germany is:

Community Clock

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The only existing "community clock" that Hüttenfeld has ever had, was and still is, the one in the schoolhouse tower.

Back in the day of horse drawn plows, the school clock was mechanical and the bell was made of cast bronze. The bell was rung manually, three times a day. Once in the morning for school, then at noon and in the evenings.The people working out in the fields would know, by the toll of the bell, when it was time to go home for lunch and dinner.

The bell was casted especially for the schoolhouse back in 1850 in Frankenthal, Germany in the Palatinate country. Hüttenfeld didn’t exist yet, it was called "Seehof". Seehof was the land they called near the lake. Only a few families lived there.

After Seehof was dissolved in 1854, the bell and clock were stored in the Rathaus (town-hall) in Lorsch, until the Hüttenfelder folk bought it back for 50 Gulden back in 1862, where it was installed back into the schoolhouse tower.

When the new Schoolhouse was built in the style of Art deco in 1906/07, the Clock and Bell were installed into the new tower of the schoolhouse.

The 100-year old mechanical clock stopped ticking at exactly 12 o’clock sometime in the late 1950’s. The last time that anyone rung the bell manually was on August 23, 1975.

At the end of 1994, the Magistrate of Hüttenfeld, Mr. Edmund Maul, initiated the restauration of the now, antique clock, but unfortunately the clock had been taken out years before, to be fixed, but somehow had disappeared…no one knows its whereabouts. But at least we still had the historical Bell.

On May 7, 1995, the schoolhouse received a new, this time, electrical clockwork (radio-controlled!) and the Bell was electronically hooked up to the clock, so no one needed to ring the bell manually.

A Fundraiser was organized in conjunction with the bi-annual School Fest to help raise Funds to cover the cost of the new clock. A limited Edition of minature Bells, one hundred of them, each originally duplicated and with a certificate were sold. Needless to say, they went fast like hot cakes! 

This project was done by Mrs. Manuela Pleger's 3rd and 4th grade English (as a second language) class.  A special thanks to Mrs. ElseHanf, our "Historian", and to Mr. Edmund Maul, our Magistrate in Pension!

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