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Estella Nickens
Gearity Elementary
University Heights, Ohio

The time in Ohio is:

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The Clock Tower Of Cleveland Heights High School

Clock Tower, Clock Tower,
If only you had eyes,
What would you have seen.
All of these years on top of Cleveland Heights High?

Many years ago, when you were brand new,
On top of a castle-like building;
It was in 1924 that you were built and
Every one always admired you.

The grounds around the school were nothing but fields,
There were farms and animals galore,
Students came on horses and in buggies,
It was a very long walk to even get to a store.

Students then dressed up to come to school,
They didn’t "mess around", they followed every rule!
They were serious about their school work, but they also had some fun,
There were clubs and sports - something for everyone.

And clock tower, clock tower, you kept watching,
You watched every day, through the years
Taking the pictures of life that you saw
Of students with laughs and tears.

Wars came and they caused worries,
Many students had to leave school to fight
And the ones who stayed home,
Worked so hard to do what was right.

Clock Tower, Clock Tower, you knew good times and bad,
But great spirit, the students of Heights High always had;
They excelled in sports, drama, music and art,
The Heights High Choir always sang from the heart.

Clock Tower, Clock Tower,
Were you ever aware;
That students and teachers argued about one thing over the years?
The issue has been about leaving for lunch
To stay and eat cafeteria food,
Or to go out for their noontime "munch".

They opened the campus, they closed it again,
Students got mad when they had to stay in,
But only the Clock Tower knows who follows the rule
Clock Tower, do you see students around lunchtime leaving the school?

Clock Tower, Clock Tower,
You stayed in the same place
But during the seventies
You had a new face...

A group of students
With absolutley no fears
Put a Mickey Mouse face on you
Which stayed there for ten years!

Everyone who drove by
Took second looks;
You were photographed in the news,
And put into many books.

But, Clock Tower, today you are back to your original face
You proudly stand tall over our High School
In your very special place.

You’re there in all kinds of weather
Through Lake Erie’s winds, ice,and snow
And through all these years
There must be so much about everything and everyone that you, alone, must know!