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Barbara Lane
Albert Einstein Elementary
Hanover Park, Illinois

The time in Illinois is:

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The History of Schaumburg City Tower

The Schaumburg clocktower is very tall. It was built in 1995. It was finished in 1996. It was built on the site of the former Town Square shopping center.

The Schaumburg clocktower is 61 feet tall from the base to the peak of the rooftop. It is red and white. People decorate it when it is Christmas time.

The clocktower is part of Schaumburg Town Center. It is a place where people can, talk, shop, and enjoy entertainment. It has a lot of stores, places you can eat and a library.

By Michael, Michele and Brittany

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Clock Poems

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Schaumburg Town

We live in Schaumburg Town
There are stores all around.
There are many places to see,
And there are many places to be.
We run and walk through the park,
Until we see our landmark.
We live in Schaumburg Town.

Amanda, Sohni, and Rebecca


I hear a chime with a rhyme,
It does it all the time.
It makes a great big pound,
With a very loud sound,
I hear the chime with a rhyme.

Amanda, Sohni, and Rebecca

Community Clock

Chiming sounds,
Landmark clock,
Clicking with a sound.
Kind of fun,
Telling time,
Oustanding tower.
Works really good,
Everyone likes to look at it's
Red bricks.

Amanda, Sohni, and Rebecca

Landmark Clock

Clock running in Schaumburg Center,
Landmark tower telling the time,
Chiming bells ringing behind faces,
Outside clock chiming in the village,
Chiming bells ringing behind faces,
Kind people passing by the amphitheater,
Tall clock standing straight,
Outstanding timepiece telling time,
Wonderful clock ticking for the people,
Easy Street farmers checking the time,
Roman numerals showing the hours.

Spencer, Mark, Kyle, and Tim

Schaumburg in 1800

In 1800, rolling prairies covered the ground
Where Schaumburg’s clock tower now stands guard.
There were buffalo herds, prairie hens, elk, and quail;
And six different tribes of first Americans.

The Potowatomi made their homes with skins and bark.
And held their annual meeting near Deer Grove Park.
They left behind arrowheads and paths,
Marked by trees in they shaped in an "s"

by Tony, Yesendy, Rebecca, Michael, and Tim

I Hear Schaumburg

I hear Schaumburg in 1850,
Horses napping in the barn,
Birds chirping in the meadows,
Cows mooing in the fields,
Pigs oinking in the fields,
Kids laughing in the pastures,
Hens clucking in the hen house,
Crows crowing on the scarecrow.
I hear Schaumburg in 1850,

Jess,Tony and Katie