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Pam Christopher
Central Elementary School
Statesville, North Carolina

The time in North Carolina is:


Statesville Town Clock

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Statesville, North Carolina in the United States of America, has a "majestic" landmark according to local historian, Mac Lackey, Jr. The Statesville Town Clock overlooks the downtown square and has seen hundreds of parades, festivals, and shoppers. The clock has an interesting history.

Around October 24, 1889, the local newpaper reported, "There is considerable demand that a town clock be put up in the tower of the new bank building."  By June 26, 1890, the clock was in place and fully operational.

We wondered how someone would get a clock up that high!   We learned thatSquire White and a group of men hoisted the clock to the roof of the building using White's mare and winches and pulleys.

So, now that clock has been there for over 100 years!   That is a long time to withstand so much heat, rain, lightning, snow, and pigeons!   If this clock would talk, we know there would be stories to tell!  So our writing activity will be just that..........stories the Statesville clock might tell!

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