North American Sundial Society
The Link section of the North American Sundial Society's website. Well organized sections include: Featured Sites, General, History, Portable Dials, Public Dials, Monumental Dials, Analemmatic Dials, By Locale, Collections, Artisans, Education, Trigonometry, The Equation of Time, Sundial Generators and Calculators, Moon Dials, Meridans, Miscellany, Societies and Software.The North American Sundial Society is an association of people from a wide variety of disciplines who are interested in the study, development, history, and preservation of sundials and the art of dialing throughout the continent.

Sundials on the Internet
One of the most resourceful sundial sites on the internet. It links to numerous sundial topics, including sites in languages other than English. This site is sponsored by both the North American Sundial Society and the British Sundial Society.

Telling Time Without a Clock - Scandinavian Daymarks
Industrialized societies need accurate regular time measurement to function. Does everyone on Earth live in such a society? No, in some parts of the world people still live much as they did thousands of years ago. Only a few hundred years ago telling time exactly wasn't so important. But it was still helpful to get a rough idea of what time it was. This is an interesting article about telling time with daymarks and the sun.

Types of Sundials
Sundials are classified into a number of different types, mainly by the plane in which the dial lies. This page includes descriptions and examples of many different types.

An online informational leaflet from the Royal Observatory Greenwich which contains a great deal of good information about Sundials.

Time and the Sun
An informative article from the Curriculum Guide for The PSU-Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory by Dr. Tim Slater, Pittsburg State University.

Pictures of Sundials
This section from "Sundials on the Internet" contains links to more pictures of sundials around the world than you will have time to look at in a day! There are some beautiful and fascinating sundials included here for you to view.