Time Machine

. . . a simple way for students to sharpen their time-telling skills at home or at school . . .

Lesson Objective:

  • to practise telling time to the hour


  • a shoebox (any size)
  • adding machine paper (cut to filmstrip width)
  • clock stamp & ink pad
  • index card

    Directions for Construction:

  • Cut a hole in the side of the shoe box
  • Cut slits on both ends of the shoe box, wide enough for the adding machine paper to pass through
  • Use the clock stamp to make a number of clock faces along the adding machine paper; clock faces should be numbered
  • Draw times on the clock faces, depending on the time concepts that are being taught (minute intervals, fifteen minute intervals, half-hour and hour intervals) at 5 cm intervals
  • Insert an answer card into the box so that activity is self-checking

    Directions for Activity:

  • This can be an individual or small group activity.
  • Number the clocks on the Adding Machine paper and create a matching Answer card on the index card that is to be inserted into the box.
  • Insert adding machine tape into the Time Machine shoebox through the slits on either side of the box.
  • Student finds the matching Answer card to match the clocks that are pulled through the hole on the other side of the box, on the Adding Machine paper.

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