1) How many days does September have?
a) 28
b) 30
c) 31
d) 29


3) In the Gregorian calendar, what month of the year is June?
a) 8th
b) 6th
c) 4th
d) 5th


5) What god was March named for?
a) Julius
b) Augustus
c) Miai
d) Mars


7) A day was removed from ________ and given to August.
a) April
b) February
c) July
d) January


9) What god is January named after?
a) Kuno
b) novem
c) Janus
d) septum
2) How many days does a leap month have?
a) 29
b) 21
c) 28
d) 30


4) What month is named after Julius Caesar?
a) December
b) October
c) June
d) July


6) What does the latin word for December mean?
a) nine
b) to open
c) ten
d) new year


8) What does the word octo mean?
a) November
b) eight
c) calendar
d) goddess


10) How many months are there?
a) 11
b) 12
c) 8
d) 10

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