Other Time-Related Activity Suggestions

Life And Times Photographic Essay:

  • Record all the firsts in your life in a photographic essay format. A photographic essay is similar to a photo album. The photographs tell a story and are accompanied by captions, phrases and/or brief sentences that highlight the features in the photos that you would like to draw their attention to! Here are a few firsts to get you started: first word, first step, first fall, first smile, first friend, first day of school, first sports team, first vaccination, first hospital visit, first lost tooth, first day in each grade, first teacher

    Tell The Time Timeline:

  • Create a timeline of historical events, dates and/or people. A timeline can take different forms such as: a linear timeline, a multimedia presentation (e.g. Power Point, Hyperstudio), a flowchart

    Times Of Your Life Photo Album:

  • Create a photo album of memorable events such as: birth, toddler years, birthdays, special occasions, school days, friends, favorite bedtime stories

    Trace Your Roots Family Tree

  • Trace your family routes! This activity can be adapted depending on the age of the students. Be sure click here for a printable copy of a Family Tree.

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