Create a travel brochure based on one of the 24 Fels Planetarium Clock locations and guide tourists to explore timeless treasures and become world travelers!



  • View the Time Zone Photo Album Tour of the Fels Planetarium Time Zone clocks.
  • Decide on the location that you would like to research.
  • Decide who your audience will be. (e.g. adults, students, children)

    Gathering Information:

  • Study travel brochures before you begin. (Notice the types and sizes of graphics, placement of text and titles, colors, etc.)
  • Be sure to click on the more information button in the Photo Album which will take you to a site where you can research the location of your choice.
  • Make jot notes based on the information you want to present in your brochure. Here are a few suggestions to help you to organize the main sections: Location, Sites To See, Things To Do, Entertainment, Weather, Special Attractions
  • Collect maps and photos of the location and activities that can be enjoyed. Be sure to observe copyright permissions.

    Organize the Brochure:

  • How will you organize your brochure? (e.g. number of pages, placement of photos, maps and text)
  • What will you call your travel agency?
  • What will your main title and subtitles be?
  • What type and size font will you use?
  • What colors will you use?
  • Will you publish your brochure electronically or by hand?

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