Sun Scavenger Hunt

Follow the links and answer the questions. You may print the page so you can write your answers down.

Read the story Why the Sun Lives in the Sky

1. How did the sun come to live in the sky? Is this a true story? ________________________________

Astronomy for Kids

2. What do astronomers think will happen to the sun when it uses up all its energy?


High Altitude Observatory Education

3. What is the sun? __________________________________________________________

4. Why do we need the sun? Hint: Why we study the sun.


Solar Heating and You

5. What two kinds of energy do we get from the sun? _________________________________________

Solar Views

6. How old is the sun? _____________________________________________________________

The Nine Planets

7. What is the largest object in our solar system? _________________________________________

8. What is the sun made of? __________________________________________________________


9. What did the ancient Greeks believe about the sun? ______________________________________

Astronomy for Kids

10. What are sunspots? ____________________________


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