Lesson Plans - Telling Time
Lesson 1 - Hours
Lesson 2 - Half Hours
Lesson 3 - Five Minute Intervals
Lesson 4 - TwoWays to Read Time
Lesson 5 - Elapsed Time
Lesson 6 - Calendar
Telling Time in Different Timezones

Print Materials

Clock with Numbers
Clock without Numbers
Calendar Template
Concentration Game Cards 1
Concentration Game Cards 2
Board Game
TV Guide Template
Time Tic-Tac-Toe Template
Telling Time: Hour - Worksheet
Elapsed Time - Worksheet
Telling Time: Minutes - Worksheet
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Interactive Activities
Hour - Quiz
Half Hour - Quiz
5 Minute Intervals - Quiz
Matching Two Ways to Read Time
Matching Clock to Time
Days of the Week Wordsearch
Months of the Year Wordsearch
Calendar Activity
Matching Time

Lesson Plans - Seasons
Lesson 1 - The Sun and Sundial
Lesson 2 - What Causes Seasons
Lesson 3 - Seasonal Changes
Interactive Activities
Scavenger Hunt
Calendar Activity
Print Materials
Make a Chart

Answer the questions and write your own story about time.

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