Time In Different Zones


Local Time


Eastern Standard Time - EST

Central Standard Time - CST

Pacific Standard Time - PST

Mountain Standard Time - MST

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1. Discuss with the students why it would be important to know the time in different timezones. Using the clocks above, discuss with students the differences in time in the different timezones,

2. Show students the map of the world that shows the various time zones. Read the time on the map with students and discuss the time in different parts of the world. Show the students a map of the U.S.A. that shows the various time zones. Give them time to explore it.

3. Have students turn their clocks to the current time and ask students if the current time in California is the same as the time in New York. Ask similar questions about various time zones.

4. Divide your students into groups according to timezones. Have students in first group set their clock to a specific time. The other groups then adjust their clocks to the correct time for their timezone. Then ask them if their time is behind or ahead of the specific time given. Continue until each group has had a chance to select a time. Then change groups and do the exercise again,

5. Write the names of states on index cards. Let each group draw from the cards and tell which timezone the state is in and tell the difference in time from this timezone to yours.

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