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Summer 2006

Summer Camp Fun!

"Discovery Days 1"
June 12 to June 16

Blast into the 2006 season with an entire week of rocket building! Campers learn the artistry of rocket science, as they experiment with various propellants and body designs to uncover the concepts and principles that make rocketry so exciting. Discovery Days are a great introduction to Discovery Camp for first time campers and an out-of-this-world start to a summer full of action packed science learning.
Related Topics: Physics, Chemistry

Behind the Screen
June 19 to June 30

Set the summer in motion with this new session inspired by our summer exhibit, Animation featuring Cartoon Network, an adventure in animation and beyond. They will experiment with technology then and now, to uncover the secrets of science that come together to make the cartoons and movies they love to watch. Campers will compare the laws of the animation world to those we live with each day and explore how easy it is to create visual and mental images using science concepts in light, sound, and photography.
Related Topics: Technology, Physics

Weather or Not?
July 3 to July 14
(no camp July 4)

Does your child have a natural curiosity about the weather? Give your aspiring meteorologist the opportunity to get the inside track on some of nature's most intriguing weather phenomenon! During this session, campers experiment and use scientific reasoning to examine stories and explanations for various concepts in weather and determine what is fact and what is fiction. Activities will also cover topics such as weather in the news, how climate differs from weather, and what weather in space is like.
Related Topics: Meteorology

Secrets of Life
July 17 to July 28

Perfect for children who like to figure out how things work. Campers will become science sleuths as they go inside the cell to uncover the many mysterious processes that create and sustain life. They will extract DNA and explore concepts in genetics such as cloning, mutations, and dominant traits. Campers will discover how we can use all that we know about cell structures in problem-solving and use what they have learned to put us all at the scene of the crime during their final presentations at the Camp Farewell.
Related Topics: Chemistry, Biology, Botany

Art Smart
July 31 to August 11

Do you have a creative genius in your home? Put their innovative minds to play examining science through artistic experimentation. Campers will begin their exploration in our newest exhibit, Sir Isaac's Loft: Where Art and Physics Collide, before creating their own scientific works of art. They will make color analyzers to experiment with color and light; explore the physics of juggling; use chromatography, pixels, kinetics, and other techniques to produce artwork; and discover how patterns and motion can be combined to form works of art.
Related Topics: Math, Engineering, Physics

"Discovery Days 2"
August 14 to August 18

Let your camper's creativity run wild! This five-day session is full of design challenges, requiring campers to use science and technology to come up with solutions to all sorts of problems from building shelters and flying machines to generating energy and protecting our environment. Perfect for those who need a little more camp time, would like to add some adventure to their last school-free days, or simply can't get enough of the fun of Discovery Camp.
Related Topics: Physics, Technology, and Ecology

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Discovery Camp Highlights

Daily Schedule
Your child will spend half of the day involved in hands-on activities, while spending the rest of each day enjoying science field trips, guest presenters, large-scale projects, and spirit activities.

Exhibit Exploration
Your child will explore Museum exhibits with counselors and Museum interpreters. They will be able to return to personal favorites during the sessions.

Spirit Days
Campers include their creations and science applications in every day fun during these special all-camp activities.

Field Trips
Science concepts come to life through our Philadelphia field trips, where campers will see scientific concepts and theories applied to our every day world. (Parents will be notified in advance of all field trips.)

Guest Speakers
Guest speakers, sharing their knowledge, experience, and love of science with campers, provide opportunities for campers to discuss subjects of interest with scientists and other professionals.

Overnight Camp-In Voucher
Each camper attending 2 weeks or more will receive a voucher for themselves and a parent/guardian for the Institute's popular Camp-In program. Sleep over in the Museum on selected nights and take part in special workshops and activities.

Tuttleman IMAX® Theater
Campers get the scoop on the newest educational IMAX features, including highly educational IMAX films like Deep Sea, Greece and Storm on the Bayou.

Fels Planetarium
Nighttime skies can happen anytime of day in the Planetarium, where campers will see Life and Death of a Star, a live show with time to ask questions.

The Discoverer, our camp newsletter written by area journalism and media students, will showcase campers' discoveries throughout the summer, keeping parents in-the-know about Discovery Camp activities.

Outdoor Adventures
Campers regularly visit Science Park, a 25,000-square-foot secure park conveniently located in our backyard. This interactive environment invites children to learn about science by playing miniature golf, swinging on a swing set, and testing devices designed to increase excitement about learning. Sundials, sand pendulums, hide-and-seek tunnels, and mini-periscopes increase the fun of each outdoor science lesson.

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