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About The Franklin Institute
Founded in honor of America's first scientist, Benjamin Franklin, The Franklin Institute is one of America's oldest and premier centers of science education and development in the country. Today, the Institute continues its dedication to formal and informal education through its mission, "to create a passion for learning about science and technology" for all citizens. Nowhere is this better observed that our dedication to educators of all types. Whether it is our state of the art professional development or an exciting Educators' Night Out, The Franklin Institute offers a wealth of resources to enrich content understanding and develop science-learning strategies.

For over five decades, The Franklin Institute has been committed to supporting teachers and improving science education. Since the publication of "A Nation at Risk," in 1983, The Franklin Institute has been a leader in the field of teacher professional development and has successfully worked with thousands of pre-school to 12th grade teachers from both urban and suburban districts in the tri-state region and beyond. Our inquiry-based, hands-on professional development offers unique insight into the power of science and provides original ways to communicate its wonder and make it exciting for the classroom! We have a wide range of professional development opportunities addressing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines as well as cutting-edge scientific methodology, curiosity and philosophy.

Who will benefit from these offerings?
ANYONE interested in learning to think like a scientist, motivating other learners, increasing scientific literacy or reinvigorating their own love of science.

Why science professional development from The Franklin Institute?
Scientific and technological literacy are crucial to remaining competitive in the 21st Century. A majority of economic drivers in this third millennium are STEM-based, and science educators are the invaluable front line. Let us help you engage your students in the excitement of active science learning while addressing state and national standards.

Whether you need:

  • a refresher on specific content,

  • the chance to experience inquiry learning first-hand,

  • practical strategies for investigating with students,

  • stronger real-world interdisciplinary connections,

  • ideas for inexpensive easy-to-obtain materials

  • or just an infusion of renewed excitement and enthusiasm for your profession

The Franklin Institute staff is ready to enhance your efforts and help you achieve your goals.

Sessions can occur at the museum or at your school/district, and may range from a half-day refresher to an intensive 30-hour summer institute. Whichever options accommodate your needs best, know that you will enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in a safe, respectful environment and will leave with a load of new ideas, invigorated and ready to inspire your students to love science.

Search our menu of favorite offerings or work with us to customize a professional development program to support your specific curricular goals and objectives. For further information or registration, please contact Dale McCreedy (215.448.1092) or Sharon Kiefer (215.448.1218).

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