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On the side wall of The Sports Challenge, there are picture of many athletes with their heights and weights.

Tra Thomas 6' 7" 350
Tara Lipinski 5' 1" 97
Shaquille O'Neal 7' 1" 315
Dawn Staley 5'6" 134
Jake Bergey 6' 215
Picabo Street 5'7" 158
Allen Iverson 6' 165
Marion Jones 5'10" 150
Bobby Abrieu 6' 197
Neil Little 6'1" 193
Anthony Black 4'11" 113
Mia Hamm 5'5" 125
Akebono 6'8" 500

1. How much more does Tra Thomas weigh than Shaquille O'Neal?
2. Who weighs 100 pounds more than Tara Lipinski?
3. Who weighs twice as much as Picabo Street?
4. Akebono weighs just about 3 times what athlete?
5. How many athletes shown are taller than 72 inches?
6. If these athletes stood side by side in size order, who would be on either side of Dawn Staley?
7. If these athletes line up according to weight, who would be beside Neil Little?
8. Three athletes are 6 feet tall.  What is the range of their weights?

Two friends tried the wheelchair race. Alex was in the regular wheelchair and Jake was in the racing wheelchair. They raced seven times. The winner of each of the seven races is indicated by an X in the table below.

1   X
2   X
3   X
4 X  
5   X
6 X  
7   X

9. How many more times did Jake win than Alex?
10. If each race course was 100 meters long, how many meters did the two boys race all together?

Michelle got on the surfboard. First she put her feet on the red feet. She lasted 1 minute and 45 seconds. Next she put her feet on the blue feet which are closer together. She lasted 24 seconds.

11. How many seconds longer did she last on the red feet? What does this tell us about standing on a surfboard?

An old time baseball weighed 3 ounces. A modern baseball weighs 5 ounces.

12. If I have 5 old baseballs on one side of a scale, how many modern baseballs do I need to balance it?
13. If I have 6 modern baseballs, how many old baseballs do I need to balance the scale?

14. 20 students in a third grade class tried to hit the tennis balls over the net. 4 hit all 7; 5 hit 6; 8 hit 5; and 3 hit 4. How many balls were hit over the net?

Sarah and her friend tried bouncing balls on the different surfaces. They dropped the ball from 2 feet. On astroturf, it bounced 11 inches; on hardwood, 22 inches; on foam, 7 inches; and on sand, 1 inch.

15. Put the surfaces in order from highest bounce to lowest bounce.
16. Which 2 are the closest in how high they went?

Dan, Fran, and Stan got in the racing cars. Dan's first time was 43 seconds. Fran had a 39 and Stan a 36. On the last try, Dan had a 22, Fran a 26, and Stan a 27.

17. Who improved the most? The least?

Five friends took a turn as a downhill skier. Here are their best times:
Jen: 72 mph; Jessica: 77 mph; Megan: 88 mph; Ashley: 67 mph; Erica: 81 mph

18. Make a bar graph to show these results.

It takes 28 yards of stretched rubber thread to make one golf ball.

19. If you had 100 feet of rubber thread, how many balls could be made? Explain.
20. How many yards would you need for 6 balls?

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