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On the side wall of The Sports Challenge, there are pictures of many athletes with their heights and weights.

Tra Thomas 6' 7" 350
Tara Lipinski 5' 1" 97
Shaquille O'Neal 7' 1" 315
Dawn Staley 5'6" 134
Jake Bergey 6' 215
Picabo Street 5'7" 158
Allen Iverson 6' 165
Marion Jones 5'10" 150
Bobby Abrieu 6' 197
Neil Little 6'1" 193
Anthony Black 4'11" 113
Mia Hamm 5'5" 125
Akebono 6'8" 500

1. Which 3 athletes have a combined weight that comes closest to Akebono's weight?
2. The average weight of 2 athletes is 164 lbs. Who are they?
3. Make a histogram of heights, using intervals of 6 inches.

4. These are the starting times for 3 students who tried out the racecars. Find the average for each car. X's are false starts and cannot be averaged in. Round to the nearest whole number.

41 40 34
39 36 32
38 X 29
37 29 25
34 22 X

Old baseballs weighed 3 ounces and modern ones weigh 5 ounces.

5. How many old balls would it take to balance 4 1/2 pounds of modern ones?
6. A bag weighing 168 ounces contains the same amount of old balls as modern ones. How many of each are in the bag?

7. Five students tested their speed as downhill skiers. Their average speed was 83 mph. If four of the times were 89, 74, 76, and 92 mph, what was the speed of the fifth student?

8. A golf ball is made of 28 yards of stretched rubber thread. Kevin has a bolt of 500 feet of rubber thread. Does he have enough to made a half dozen balls? Explain.

9. Thirty students each tried to hit seven tennis ball over the net. 30% of the students successfully hit all seven balls over the net. How many balls were hit over the net?

10. The world record for the pole vault is 19 feet. James has taken up pole vaulting. His record is 9 3/4 feet. How much less than the record is this? Give the answers in feet and inches.

Jai Alai 188
Golf 170
Badminton 162
Tennis 145
Softball 110
Ping Pong 105
Baseball 103
Football 85
Bowling 15

11. Look at these speeds. Using intervals of 15, make a bar graph of the speeds of the first 5 if you put them in alphabetical order.

12. Shaqille O'Neal wears a size 22 sneaker! Most men wear a size 10. There are half sizes up to 13. How many sizes are there up to size 22?

13. Everyone in Mrs. B's class had a turn on the speed wheelchair (100 meters each). If there are 32 students in her class, how many meters did they go in all? Write this in scientific notation and in standard form.

14. In 1910 only 27 batters had an average over 300. If there were 500 men in the Major Leagues, what % had an average over 300? Under 300?

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