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In the past, many Chinese believed that the zodiac sign under which they were born would determine their destiny and personality.  There are 12 signs which rotate every 12 years.  According to the zodiac, one should marry someone 4 years younger or older but never someone 6 years younger or older.

These are the 12 signs and one year listed for each.  Use this information to answer the questions that follow.

BOAR-Boars are warriors.  They are chivalrous and tend to make lifelong friendships.  1971
RAT-  Rats are ambitious and honest.  They make short term friendships and spend money freely. 1972
OX-  They are intelligent and patient.  They are content and don't mind being alone. 1973
TIGER-  They are aggressive and brave.  They are honest, outspoken, and sensitive. 1974
RABBIT-They are talented and articulate. They are shy and affectionate.  This is the luckiest of all of the signs. 1975
DRAGON-  They are eccentric and complicated.  They enjoy good health. 1976
SNAKE- They are vain and quick tempered, but beautiful. They are wise.  1977
HORSE- They are popular and people oriented.  They are impatient and showy.  1978
GOAT-  They make charming company. They are creative and artistic.  1979
MONKEY-  They are intelligent and enthusiastic.  They are easily discouraged.  1980
ROOSTER-  They are selfish and eccentric.  They are hardworking and scholarly.  1981
DOG-  They are honest and faithful. They worry and tend to find fault.

1. Ma-Lin will be 15 years old in 2001.  Under what sign was she born?  ____________________

2. According to Chinese beliefs, should she marry someone born in the sign of the Monkey?__________ Justify your answer.

3. Caryl's grandmother celebrated her 70th birthday in the year 2000.  This was the year of the Dragon.  Under which sign was she born?_______________

4. If you subscribed to the zodiac signs, would you expect someone born in 1996 to be selfish, intelligent, or honest?  Explain your answer.

5. When will the next year of the Ox be? __________________

6. When was the last year of the Goat? ________________

7. These are the ages of 6 people. Match each person with the other person born under the same sign.

Laurie - 6   Laurie - 6
Anna - 45   Anna - 45
Nick - 11  Nick - 11
Kim - 23  Kim - 23
Mark - 30  Mark - 30
Ty - 21  Ty - 21

8. Tiger Woods was born in 1975.  Under what zodiac sign was he born? _________  What will be the next year for that sign? __________________________

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