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There are many things to do when you visit London, the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the most interesting and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

1. The Mousetrap is a play written by Agatha Christie.  It has been playing non-stop since 1952 in honor of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  If 500 people a performance see the play, and there are 8 performances per week, approximately how many people have seen the play so far?  ___________________

2. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace takes place on even numbered days.  How many times a year is that?
_____________ If approximately 1,000 people see it each time, how many folks see it in one year?_____________
Write this in scientific notation and standard form. ___________________  _______________________

3. The Thames River runs through the center of London.  Chester and Victoria are going to take a cruise down the Thames.  If the boat travels at 10 km per hour, how far did they go in 45 minutes? ____________________

4. London Bridge has actually been built 3 different times over the years.  The first bridge was built by a man named Peter.  He started in 1176 and was not finished until 1209.  There were 19 pointed arches with a span of 24 feet each.  Houses and other structures were built on the bridge.  At one point there was a huge fire that destroyed the buildings and 3,000 people died.  Other calamities followed and the bridge had to be repaired many times.  Finally in 1762, several yards upstream, a totally new bridge was constructed under the direction of John Rennie.  This bridge lasted until a more modern one was constructed and completed in 1972.  How long did the first bridge last? _________________ the second bridge? ______________ How long was the first bridge? _________________________

5. A group of people are going to tour the famous Westminster Abbey.  They need to know how much money they will need.  Children under 11 are free.  Children 12-16 are 3 pounds each.  Over 60, you also pay 3 pounds.  Adults are 6 pounds.  If 5 adults, 2 senior citizens, 8 children under 11, and 10 children between 12 and 16 go to visit, how much will it cost in pounds? ___________________  If 1 pound = 1 1/2 dollars, how much will it cost American? _____________________

6. Petula and Bartholomew are going for a walking tour of the city.  They start at the British Museum and go 2 blocks west.  Then they walk 3 blocks south, This takes them to the tube (London's subway).  They take the tube for 24 blocks west and get off.  They walk 4 blocks north and 3 blocks east.  How far did they go from the Museum? _________________
Draw a map to show this.

London Solutions

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