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Harrods is the most famous department store in the world.  It is located in London in the Knightsbridge section.  It represents the epitome of high class shopping with high class prices.  The entire store is decorated in an Egyptian theme because it is owned by Mohamed El Fayed, an Egyptian businessman.  His son was killed with Princess Di.  A memorial to the two of them is located on the Ground Floor of this magnificent building.

One of the most amazing parts of the store is the Food Hall.  It is so enormous that it takes up half of the first floor of the store.  We are going to spend some time there with a couple of British subjects, Cedrick and Petula Bentley.  They have a child named Priscilla.  They are visiting London from Wales.

1. The family starts at the Food Hall.  Priscilla sees a cookie display and immediately wants some.  The British call their cookies biscuits. The Bentleys buy Priscilla 3 tins of biscuits at 11.50 pounds each.  A pound is about $1.50 in US dollars.  How much did the cookies cost in American money?

2. Next, Priscilla spied the chocolate display.  She went crazy looking at all of the beautiful candy.  Mr. Bentley got her a box of  chocolate for 9.95 pounds and a chocolate bear for 19.95 pounds.  She also wanted colored taffy for 7.95 pounds.  How much did they spend British and how much American?

3. There are 7 floors in the store.  If it takes 45 seconds to go up each flight via the escalator, how long would it take to get from the ground floor to the top floor?  Make sure your answer is in minutes.

4. Mrs. Bentley decided to get some gifts for her friends at home in Wales.  She got a tin of tea for 29.95 pounds, a hamper (basket) of goodies for 250 pounds, and 3 tins of coffee for 8.50 pounds each.  If she had 300 pounds, did she have enough money?  If not, how much more did she need?

5. Off the Bentleys went to the Toy Kingdom.  It was going to be Priscilla's birthday so her parents let her pick out what she wanted.  She looked at a doll house for 779 pounds, a riding elephant for 1055 pounds, and a mini rocker for 129 pounds.  She was allowed to get any 2 of these things.  What would be the most expensive?  the least expensive?  find the answers in pounds and in dollars.

6. Mrs. Bentley also needed a gift for each of her twin nephews who were 2 years old.  Harry Bear cost 19.95 pounds.  How much was this going to be in American money?

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