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Batter Up!

That ball is outta here!!

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  1. Which teams had batting averages over .200? National League? American League?
  2. Looking at the NL Batting Leaders and the AL Batting leaders, what was the total number of RBIs scored?
  3. Looking at the pitching leaders, which one had the best ERA from both leagues? AL? NL? Which team had the most top pitchers in the NL? AL?
  4. Veterans' Stadium opened on April 4, 1971. How many decades ago was that?
  5. The Philadelphia Phillies were born in 1883 and won their first NL East championship in 1976. How long did it take them to do this? They won their only World Series in 1980. How long ago was that?
  6. There are 90 feet between bases. What is the area of the infield?
  7. If the ballpark is shaped like a rectangle with the foul lines 330 feet and 371 feet, estimate what fractional part of the field is the infield? EXPLAIN IN SENTENCE FORM HOW YOU ARRIVED AT YOUR ANSWER.
  8. The Brown family is going to a game. They bring $125 with them. They need 2 adult tickets for $20 each and 3 children's tickets for $10 each. They buy hot dogs and sodas for everyone at $2.50 a hot dog and $1.75 for a soda. They get a program for $9.95 and want to buy T-shirts for the kids at $11.95 each. Will they have enough money? If not, how much would they need? What could they do if they decided that the T-shirts were something that they had to have?
  9. Look at the all-time Home Run leaders. What is the range, median, mode, and mean?
  10. The game starts at 7:05 PM. It takes 45 minutes to get there from home. You need 20 minutes to park and find your seat. You need 15 minutes to get settled and watch batting practice. When should you leave home?
  11. The Cy Young award is given to the best pitcher in each league. Look at the statistics given and tell in sentence form why you think the award is named after him.
  12. There are 3 games on TV in the afternoon on Saturday and 4 games on TV at night on Saturday. There are 5 different games on TV Sunday afternoon. How many different combinations of games can Sam watch?
  13. Billy has 25 more baseball cards than Raheem. Together they have 255 cards. How many cards does Billy have?
  14. In one section of the ballpark there are 15 rows and 11 seats on a row. Jack's favorite seat is on the third row from the front and the fifth seat in from the right. Draw a diagram and show where his seat is.

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