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Chemistry Collection

Elements, equations, reactions, solvents, compounds—all of these concepts are of a "chemical" nature. The science of chemistry can be fascinating, but without a knowledge of the basics, you may have difficulty understanding more complex experiments or theories. Our "Chemistry Collection" can be used as a resource for chemistry students, a springboard for introducing certain topics in class, or simply as a complement to learning some important ideas of the discipline.

The following list of websites contains information on a variety of chemistry topics, both elementary and advanced. If you are looking for resources to help you better understand certain principles, need information on a particular chemical element or reaction, or are directing students to find any kind of chemistry-related data, experiment, or term, this Collection is the place to find it.

The Catalyst
This site is especially for high school teachers who are looking for information and materials that are useful in teaching chemistry.

A virtual chemistry textbook.

The Discovery Of Radioactivity: The Dawn of the Nuclear Age
This site looks at the discoveries some early scientists made and how their findings have helped shape what we know. Their findings continue to give us new chemistry knowledge today.

Atomic Structure Timeline
A timeline of the atomic structure, complete with early theories of the structure of matter.

Chemistry Tutor
Includes an introduction to chemistry, equations, reactions, the periodic table, information on lab safety, and links to other sites.

History of Chemistry
The research and findings of many scientists, on such topics as atoms and molecules, acids and bases, and elements and compounds.

Web Elements: The Periodic Table
The periodic table and information on all the elements and their properties.

An interactive periodic table of the elements.

Believe it or not, this site makes chemistry simple for kids! It includes discussions of atoms, elements, math, and matter in easy to understand ways.

Discovery of the Electron
This is an online exhibit that tells the story of J.J. Thomson and his groundbreaking experiments in discovering the electron.

Fahrenheit and Celsius
Compare and contrast the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales. Learn how to convert from one scale to the other.

Eric's World of Chemistry
A resource of chemistry facts and information compiled by Eric W. Weisstein. He enjoys "picking up odd bits of information (at least if they're related to math or science), but can never remember them unless (he) writes them down, hence the Treasure Troves."

Teachers' and Students' Information from the American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society created this section of their website for educators and students to learn more about the field, featuring event annoucements, articles, and links.

Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri
Professor Shakhashiri from the University of Wisconsin created this fun chemistry site with resources for all.

The pH Factor
This visual site is designed to help young learners explore the concept of pH though clickable activities that use everyday items to promote understanding.

Chemistry Links
This is a massive collection of chemistry links.

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