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a.structure- 9 sets of 3 fused mictrotubles arranged in open star shape
b.location- just outside of nucleus
c.arrangement- found in sets of 2 at right angles to each other
2.Cell Division
a.poles- attach to, cause to drag apart
b.microtubles/spindles- attach to poles
c.basal bodies- same structure (cilia, flagella)
d.mitosis/meiosis- part in cell division
3. Derived from
a.spirochettes- bacteria with microtubles
4. Found in
a. animal cells- always
b.mosses, algae, fungi- cell must have cilia and flagella (rarely found in plants)
5. Definitions
a. centriole- organelle associated with spindle
b.spindle- microtubular structure
c. basal body- base of cilia and flagella
d. cell division- cell divides into 2 daughter cells

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Parts of The Cell