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  • tiny, dense organelles found in blood
  • are made up of RNA (RiboNucleic Acid) and Protein in two subunits: RNA makes up 65% and Protein makes up 35%
  • are made up of two subunits, the larger subunit being about 50S and the smaller being about 30S (Units are Svedberg)
  • contain protein synthesizing enzymes
  • known as protein factories for cells
  • Ribosomes are the site where DNA code is translated into proteins
  • the site where the three types of RNA are combined
  • are among the smallest cell structures; are only 25 nanometers in diameter That's too small to see with your eyes - a microscope is defiantly needed
  • are produced in the nucleus of blood cells

RIBOSOMES are found in two places in the blood.

  • Some are attached to the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) : In these cases the ER is known as rough ER. The Ribosomes attached to the ER give it a rough and bumpy appearance. Proteins made in these Ribosomes can be transferred throughout the cell
  • Other Ribosomes flow freely in the cytoplasm of the blood. Proteins made in these Ribosomes are also distributed into the cytoplasm to flow freely. Proteins that flow freely in the blood are called free polyribosomes
  • Prokaryotic cells contain more than 10,000 Ribosomes Eukaryotic cells contain significantly more Ribosomes


Ribosome, ribosome, what does that mean?
Made of two RNA and a protein

In the cytoplasm is where they like to chill
Don't cause no dieses so they won't make you ill

Chorus: It's the ribosome, yeah, the protein factory
It's the ribosome, yeah, work it baby!

Ribosomes are known as protein factories
they synthesis proteins for you and me

The really small, like 20 nanometers
They resemble dots candy which couldn't be sweeter


They're seen on the ER, but not with George Cloooney
It's the Endoplasmic Recticulum, which may sound looney

They attach to rough ER and make it bumpy
In cause you didn't know, wednesday is hump day


If you want to find a ribosome
Cytoplasm and ER are it's home


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