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Go Take A Hike!

Be a naturalist.

According to Webster, a "naturalist" is "a student of animals or plants, especially in the field." With these simple qualifications, you can easily become a naturalist too. Take a hike. While you go on your "nature walk" be a naturalist by "studying" the many lifeforms, both animals and plants, that you see in your "field."

The best place to be a naturalist, of course, is outdoors. So, you need to turn off your computer and go take a hike! Later, come back and visit these websites dedicated to the naturalist in all of us. Compare your own experiences.

Rachel Carson
"Rachel Carson changed the world, come see how the world changed Rachel Carson" invites this website dedicated to the work of this woman, widely considered the originator of the modern environmental movement.

Mary Morris Vaux Walcott
Known as the "Society Lady in Hobnailed Boots," Mary Walcott left her role in Philadelphia society to "take a hike" in the Canadian Alps. Her pioneering love of nature is an inspiration to modern day environmentalists.

The Life of Henry David Thoreau
Reflections on Walden
When we think of naturalists, Thoreau immediately comes to mind. He is perhaps the most famous of all naturalists, known especially for his "hikes" near Walden Pond.

The Life of John Muir
The Writings of John Muir
John Muir, born in Scotland, found the great beauty of nature in the United States. His legacy is the Sierra Club, one of the world's largest environmental organizations.

John Burroughs: Ecology Hall of Fame
The Snow Walkers by John Burroughs(1837-1921)
Naturalists are often poets, and poets are often naturalists. The beauty of nature inspires beautiful literature. John Burroughs is one of America's most beloved naturalist authors.

Nature Close to Home
Nature Stories
Nature Journal
Meet James Ratzloff, a Field Naturalist, living and "hiking" in the "beautiful state of Colorado" and read his "nature journal."

A Country Walk with Dave Walker
Meet this modern day naturalist and take a "nature hike" on the web.

To Edward Hoagland: The Meaning of Frogs by Rodney Lewis Merrill
This offering from a contemporary nature writer offers an intriguing explanation of frogs.

Important Notes on Collecting
Before you begin your life as a naturalist, read the rules for collecting. Naturalists study specimens while preserving the natural balance.

What is a Seed?
The answer to this question is not as simple as you might expect. This fascinating exploration examines the significance of seeds.

Hiking and Walking Homepage
Hiking and Backpacking
Where to Hike
These will help you get started on your own outdoor adventures.

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