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Caught in The Web

Rice Elementary School

La Escuela Rice is "Caught in The Web" this month. Also known as the Rice School, La Escuela Rice features bi-lingual resources for the K-8 educational community. This young school, its doors opened in August 1994, is the result of an innovative partnership between Rice University and the Houston, Texas Independent School District. Students at Rice are offered "unique and challenging learning experiences, focusing on an integrated approach to curriculum." Rice offers more information about their "New Way of Learning" and their school philosophy.

Rice School's commitment to "new ways of learning" is evident when you visit the school's website. The list of Student Work is long and most impressive. These student authors are clearly rising to the challenges of integrated learning. For example, Galileo's Web welcomes you to the WebNaissance where you'll find a thematic approach for learning about Galileo Galilei. Students in grades 6 to 8 have created a Galileo Life Line to introduce you to this great scientific thinker. Seems the students are great scientific thinkers themselves, following in Galileo's footsteps. Galileo's Web is quite an extensive web project, worthy of thorough exploration. Spend some time wandering though it.

Another exciting project is Kids On: Overcoming Prejudice. The simplicity of this idea is its elegance. Students from Rice's K-2 cluster collaborated with children from Manhasset, New York via electronic mail. The results of their communication and collaboration are published for you to read. Lizzy's advice for overcoming prejudice stands out: "play, work and pray together, accept differences, and learn about other cultures." Words of wisdom for all ages.

It may be too soon to open it, but the Rice School's eighth grade technology students "buried" a Time Capsule on the web in January. Sneak a peek at the pictures, and make sure to read their "thoughts on that day."

The students at Rice aren't the only ones having fun on the Web. The teachers are also involved. The Teacher Work page topics range all the way from tennis, dolphins, and the NFL to medieval literature, natural history, and Project Gutenberg. Active, involved teachers tend to have active, involved students.

Of course, La Escuela Rice offers Spanish language alternatives for most of their website, serving the needs of their school community. So, you can also practice your Spanish translation skills.

The Rice School's web presence is quite extensive and quite captivating. Follow any path. You'll enjoy the journey.

Who will be "Caught in The Web" next month? Feel free to send us suggestions.

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