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This description is detailed so that every single step is included.

1. Go to the author's web page at
2. Click on the (underlined) java link - it could be a slow link to access but worth the wait since this only needs to be done once.
3. This connects you to 'The Applet Depot' at
4. Take time to read around the site.
5. Click on free applets (underlined).
6. Take time to read about using the applet.
7. Click on item number 37 (Underlined) Seek-A-Word.
8. Read the description and further details.
9. Click on the FAQ (Frequently Asked (or answered?) questions link to item 3 which describes how to embed an applet into a web page - maybe even print a copy for reference.
10. Check also item 4 which describes how to unTAR the compressed Seek-A Word file after downloading it.
11. Click back to the Seek-A-Word downloading page and click on underlined SeekAWord3.tar
12. Save the file, which is automatically titled 'SeekAWord3' in the usual way, its filesize is 25KB
13. Decompress the TAR file using a program such as WinZip, Version 6.1 or higher. (Our kind systems engineer helped ME with the unzipping.)
The decompression results in three files:
all are necessary to set up your word search. All three files add up to less than 15K.

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