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Clocks...Teaching Time
Escape into Time
*The Franklin Institute Timepieces Collection*
Empress Josephine Clock
Fels Clocks
Foucault Pendulum
Frick Electric Program Clock
Seth Thomas Calendar Clock
Synchronome Clock


The Hands of Time

Frick Clock Student Activities
Gear Interactive Activities
Josephine Clock Student Activities
Just in Time: Interactive Activities
Once Upon a Time Activities
Seth Thomas Calendar Clock Student Activities
Sundial Activities
Synchronome Clock Student Activities


Measuring Time
*Lesson Plans*

Frick Clock Teaching Resources
Gear Lessons
Josephine Clock Teaching Resources
Just in Time: Lesson Plans
Seth Thomas Calendar Clock Teaching Resources
Sundials: Lesson Plans and Activities
Synchronome Clock Teaching Resources


Elements of Time
*Vocabulary and Book Lists*

Children's Books about the Sun
Frick Clock Glossary
Science of Gears Vocabulary List
Sundials Vocabulary List
Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
No matter where we are or what we do, time is constant. Every second, each minute, through all the hours of a day, week, month, or year, time moves on regardless of what is happening around us.

Throughout history, people have sought out various ways to measure time. From the use of sundials, escapements, and pendulums to the invention of automatic, synchronome, and calendar clocks, the mechanics of timekeeping has been an important part of all cultures throughout the centuries.

In 2000, the Online Museum Educators worked with The Franklin Institute's collection of historic timepieces and developed educational resources related to them. The stories of those timepieces and their intricate workings are examined here, and activities and resources that complement the clocks provide interactive fun and understanding. It's Time to begin your exploration...

"Journey In Time" is a collection of exhibits that examines the history of telling time, as well as the evolution of timepieces, from ancient times to the present day. This collection features Franklin Institute timepieces, background information relating to the history of telling time and mechanical devices, interactive online activities and suggestions for classroom lessons, activities, and resources.

Journey in Time

"Time Keepers" features a group of clocks housed at The Franklin Institute, several of which are currently not on display. An explanation of each clock provides a better understanding of its features and known history. Activities, resources, and links to more information are offered to help educators and interested visitors.

Time Keepers