One Day in Pompeii

November 9, 2013 - April 27, 2014



A visit to One Day in Pompeii will be the highlight of your school year. The exhibit is a vivid and memorable encounter with one of the most unforgettable catastrophes in recorded history. Use the EDUCATOR'S GUIDE to prepare for your visit.

Is your school implementing the Common Core this year? Throughout One Day in Pompeii, students will find signs posted with informational text on them. Some signs identify technical details associated with the objects on display. Other signs tell stories about how the people of Pompeii lived their lives. These exhibit signs provide students with an opportunity to practice reading informational texts.

In particular, the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards for Reading in Science and Technology call for students in grades 6 through 12 to read, understand, and respond to informational text with an emphasis on comprehension, making connections among ideas and between texts with focus on textual evidence. The exhibit invites students to read multiple small signs that focus on a particular idea or area of the exhibit and then to associate them with other signs in other areas, ultimately making sense of the larger exhibit.

Likewise, the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards for Reading in History and Social Studies suggest that students should read multiple texts and make connections to comprehend a larger story. The exhibit provides a rich opportunity for doing so as students come to understand how the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii yet preserved it as well.

Vesuvius Science Lab
Explore the sciences of archaeology and geology at hands-on stations in the Vesuvius Science Lab. Examine real volcanic rocks as you learn about the dynamic processes leading to Mt. Vesuvius' eruption. Learn about the careful steps archaeologists use to preserve what remains from the ancient site of Pompeii. Located on the Third Floor near Sir Isaac's Loft. Free with Museum Admission.

Ring of Fire
The return of a classic! One of the most popular films ever shown in the Tuttleman IMAX® Theater, Ring of Fire remains unrivaled in its dramatic portrayal of volcanic activity. Combine One Day in Pompeii with Ring of Fire for a spectacular earth science experience. Additional fee applies.

Advice for Chaperones

As a chaperone, you are responsible for helping your students get the most out of this very unique learning experience. To keep order, you need to stay with your assigned group of students throughout your visit. If you leave a gallery, they leave a gallery. If you are still in a gallery, they are still in a gallery. Please supervise your students in the retail area and in the restrooms as well.

While your students are busy learning, discovering, questioning, and reflecting, we ask that you help us reinforce some basic rules of museum etiquette while visiting One Day in Pompeii. Keep your voices low and be respectful of other visitors. Do not lean against cases or walls of the exhibit. We have a very strict policy of no photography or cell phone use in this special exhibition. You and your students make take photographs in any of our other standing exhibits throughout the science center, just not inside One Day in Pompeii.

We know that this is a fascinating exhibition to view, but please remember that your top priority is to monitor your students and keep them focused so that they can meet their teachers' expectations.

We greatly appreciate your participation in making this a memorable field trip for everyone from your school. Thank you!


One Day in Pompeii in the Mandell Center features over 150 artifacts on loan from the collection of the Naples National Archaeological Museum.

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