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Major Taylor

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Bicycle Puzzles
Students from the Comsewogue School District in Port Jefferson Station, New York created bicycle jigsaw puzzles.  How fast can you put them together?  Use the timer to find out.

Puzzle 2: Riding Uphill

Puzzle 3: The Yellow Jersey

Major Taylor:
Related Topics and Activities

"Jim Crow" Laws
When Major Taylor was alive, he lived under the "Jim Crow" laws.  On this site you will read about these unfair, racist laws.  Here are some activities that will allow you to express your feelings about them. 

Turn back the clock and make believe that it is the year 1890.

  • Write an editorial to your local newspaper expressing  your feelings about why these laws are morally wrong.

  •   Design a poster with a strong anti "Jim Crow" law message.

  •   Create a satirical cartoon criticizing  the Jim Crow laws. 

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
You learned  that both of Major Taylor's grandparents were slaves who eventually moved to the free state of Indiana.  On this site you will learn about the Underground Railroad, a secret organization that helped slaves escape to freedom.  Be sure to take the Harriet Tubman quiz at this site.

Dr. Martin Luther King
Dr. Martin Luther King fought racism through non-violent protest.  Check out the Kid Pix slide show at this site, and then journey on the WebQuest.  You'll learn a great deal about this important man's life and beliefs.

Free At Last: The Civil Rights Movement in the United States
Fifth grade students from Novi, Michigan designed this resource for the Think Quest Junior 2001 Internet Challenge.   This site has a wealth of interesting information, stories, a timeline, a Civil Rights Dictionary and online games.  You may want to sign their guestbook to congratulate them on an excellent job.

Major Taylor Biography
Read this short biography.  Then create a timeline about Major Taylor's life.   You could use Kid Pix or another drawing program to create a Major Taylor slide show, or create a paper timeline to showcase in your school.

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