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Your class may not be able to visit the Lunar module at the Franklin Institute or those on display at other locations, but by using these web resources it is hoped that you can have students explore and learn about the LM, the Apollo missions, and the Moon as you use the materials here as "springboards" to learning.

Begin by having students read the information included in the Grumman Lunar Module and More Background sections. The history of the Lunar Module, specifications, interior, and exterior LM views, as well as information about the Lunar Rover are included along with many web links to specific Apollo missions.

A variety of on-line activities for students which were designed to test their knowledge and let them learn more about Lunar Modules, the Apollo Missions, and the Moon are available in the For Student section. Students should be able to use these activities independently. Off-line activities to provide more learning opportunities are also included.

Use the lesson plan section and printable activities sections below to help you plan class activities, centers and lessons. An extensive list of web resources is available in the resources section.

Lesson Plans Plans to help you develop activities around the Lunar Modules, Apollo Missions and the Moon using both on-line and off-line materials and activities.
Worksheets and ideas to print out. Included are Crossword, Word Search, Moon Mapping and more. Links to lesson plans included at the above link are provided.
Standards Links Links to science standards, technology standards (NETS), math standards, and software correlations to standards used in some activities.