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The Apollo Lunar missions were an important part of man's exploration of space. In the future the Moon may be a very important base for exploration into deep space. The Lunar Module, also called the LM, was the spacecraft designed to take the astronauts to the surface of the Moon from the Command Module. There were 6 successful Moon landings.

Be sure to read the information in The Story section to learn more about the Lunar Module. These sections will help you learn more and prepare you for the on-line activities at this site. See the links to these activities in the chart below.


• The Grumman Lunar Module section will help you learn about the early plans for the Lunar Module and some of the design features. It also includes links to detailed drawings of the Lunar Module and extensive information about the LMs made for the space program.

• The More Background section will help you explore the interior and exterior features of the Lunar Module as well as find out about the Lunar Rover which was used to travel on the Moon's surface.


On-Line Try your hand at the activities here, which are designed to help you learn more about the Lunar Module and the Apollo Lunar missions and to test your knowledge about them.
Off-Line These activities are designed to give you opportunities to work on projects off of the computer. Some on-line references will be provided to get you started.
Reference Use the links in this section to help you research more about the Lunar Module, the Apollo missions, and the Moon.