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Lunar Landings
The Moon is more than green cheese.


by Jennifer
Mrs. Smith's Third Grade
May 15, 2001

Lunar Module during Apollo 11 mission.

Lunar Module from Apollo 17.

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NASA History Search Site

SpaceLink - Apollo

Moon Home Page

The Lunar Module Model Page


Did you ever hear that the moon was made of green cheese? Or, that there was a man in the Moon? Perhaps you even looked up into the night sky and thought you saw a face. Well, thanks to the Apollo Missions we have found out that there is much about the Moon that we did not know and much more that we need to learn.

In order to write a report you will need to follow some basic steps. First you need to select a topic. Your teacher may have assigned you to find out about a specific Apollo Mission, or to research the Lunar Module or to find out more about the 6 different landing sites on the Moon. Maybe you want to find out about missions that are being planned for others to travel to the Moon now that the Apollo program has ended.

Make a list of questions about your topic that you would like to find answers for or list points which you think others should know about the topic. Your teacher may have a list of items you need to include in your report.

Next you need to locate some sources to use for your research. The links in the Webliography and Other Resources can help you locate information about Apollo Missions and the Moon.(You can also see the resources section on this site for other links to useful information.) Library books and CD Roms in your school library can also provide you with information to use.

Find graphics for your report presentation or web report online at:

Moon Images

Apollo Project Digital Image Collection

Luna Images from the far side of the Moon

Welcome to the Planets

Take careful notes as you research your topic. Remember to keep an accurate list of your resources, or where you found your information for your own bibliography. When you have enough information to answer the questions you listed or can write about the points your teacher has suggested, it is time to write the rough draft. Be sure to edit your work carefully and check your facts.

When you are ready to publish your finished report you may want to create an online report. The kids project section at Web Monkey can help you do that if your school does not have a place to post your work or if you need help learning how to do this.




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NASA Apollo sites

Moon Tour

Apollo Mission Links

Lunar Explorations