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Crossword Puzzle Apollo information and facts in a crossword puzzle format. Reading the background information will help students solve this puzzle.
Answers to crossword Answers to above puzzle.
Word Search Find the last names of the Apollo crew members who walked on the Moon or were on the Apollo mission slated for Moon landing.
Word Search Answers Answers to above puzzle.
Moon Mapping Use longitude and latitude to find the six lunar module landing sites. See Moon mapping lesson.
Moon Map Answers  
Moon Survivor Can students rank the items needed to survive on the Moon? This can be a class/group activity. See Moon Survivor lesson.
Moon Survior Answers  
Lunar Landing Chart Information about the LM landing sites with links to information including the latitude and longitude of the lunar landing sites to use with the Moon mapping activity. See Moon mapping lesson.
Lunar Modules by Mission Chart of the LMs used on each Apollo mission.
LM ascent stage Labeled drawing of this part of the lunar module.
LM descent stage Labeled drawing of this part of the lunar module.
Lunar Rover Information about the lunar rover which can be used as background information for students designing their own planetary travel vehicle. See Future Travel lesson.
Moon Phase Box Directions for creating a box to demonstrate the phases of the Moon.See Moon Phases lesson.
Moon Glossary Vocabulary terms students may need to learn. Useful for many lessons or word activities.
Mission Record Blank form to record information about Apollo Missions during research/report presentations. See Mission Activity.
Landing Sites Information about each of the 6 LM landing locations with links written out. See Moon mapping lesson.
Rock Chart Have students collect Earth rocks to help make predictions about origin/types of lunar rocks. See Lunar- Earth Rocks activity.