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Apollo Over the Moon: A View From Orbit
NASA SP-362, 1978, 255 p. An Annotated picture book of lunar geologic features from the U.S. Government Print Office, Superintendent of Documents
PO Box 371954
Pittsburgh, PA 15250

Apollo Expeditions to the Moon
NASA SP-250, 1975, 313 p.
An illustrated chronicle of the Apollo missions. A focus on the engineering and team work that made the missions possible. U.S. Government Print Office, Superintendent of Documents
PO Box 371954
Pittsburgh, PA 15250

The Moon
by Patrick Moore, 1981, Rand McNally and Co., 96 p. Illustrated with maps, drawings and Apollo photos. Descriptions of unmanned missions, including the Russian Luna probe is included.

To Rise From Earth: An Easy to Understand Guide to Space Flight
by Wayne Lee, 1993, Texas Space Grant Consortium (ISBN 0-9637400-3-2) 279 p. This is a detailed but non-mathematical discussion of orbital mechanics, Apollo missions and the Shuttle.

To A Rocky Moon: A Geologist's History of Lunar Exploration
by Don E. Wilhelms, 1993, University of Arizona Press, 477 p.

Apollo and the Moon Landing
by Gregory Vogt, 1991, Millbrook Press, 112 p. An illustrated text in the Missions in Space Series for grades 4-6.

Lunar Sourcebook : A User's Guide to the Moon by Grant Heiken, et al Hardcover,
736 pages Published by Cambridge Univ Press Publication date: April 1, 1991
ISBN: 0521334446
Book Description : This is an extraordinary book which includes data gathered during the American and Soviet missions in an accessible and complete one-volume, encyclopedic reference of current scientific and technical information about the Moon. It provides a thorough introduction to lunar studies and a summary of current information about the nature of the lunar environment. It explores the formation and evolution of the Moon's surface, the chemical and mineralogical nature of lunar rocks and soils, and the current state of scientific knowledge about the nature, origin, and history of the Moon. The book is written and edited by scientists from academia, industry, and government active in every field of lunar research and all veterans of the Apollo program. Engineers, mission planners, planetary scientists, educators, and students interested in scientific study and exploration of the Moon will find this a unique and essential reference.

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The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons School & Library Binding,
32 pages Published by Holiday House Publication date: March 1, 1997
ISBN: 0823412970
Book Description : A comprehensive, illustrated introduction to the moon for young readers provides facts about our moon, its phases, and eclipses, as well as the effects the moon has on our world, such as the pull of the tides. Identifies the moon as our only natural satellite, describes its movement and phases, and discusses how we have observed and explored it over the years.

Atlas of the Moon by Antonin Rukl, Thomas W. Rackham Hardcover Published by Kalmbach Publishing Company
Publication date: June 1992
ISBN: 0913135178
Book Description : A good Atlas of the Moon.

How the Moon Affects You by Arnold L. Lieber, Jerome Agel Rev&Updtd Edition Paperback
Published by Hastings House Pub Publication date: July 1, 1996
ISBN: 0803893787
Book Description : Modern research verifies the influence of the moon on man and beast that has long been put forth in myths and superstitions. Because our bodies, like the planet, are approximately 70 percent water, the moon's pull affects our biological tides just as it does those of the sea. In this book, Dr. Lieber details how instances of murder, suicide, aggravated assault, psychiatric emergencies, and fatal auto accidents increase dramatically when the moon is full.

Legends of the Sun and Moon by Eric Hadley, Tessa Hadley Hardcover Published by Cambridge Univ Press
Publication date: August 1, 1983
ISBN: 052125227X
Book Description : Twelve traditional tales about the sun and the moon from a variety of cultures.

An Algonquian Year: The Year According to the Full Moon, written and illustrated by Michael McCurdy,
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003
Book Description: In the book, An Algonquian Year: The Year According to the Full Moon the author follows the cycles of the year according to the Algonquian moon names. With a concentration on daily life, McCurdy effectively demonstrates the great role nature and the changing seasons played in the lives of Native Americans in pre-colonial times.

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The Apollo Landing Sites

Set of 40 slides
Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058

Phone: 1-281-486-2172

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Out of This World: The Apollo Moon Landings

Finley-Holiday Film Corp, Steve Skootsky, 1993, 60 minutes. Historically accurate video using newly restored NASA footage.

Finley-Holiday Film Corp.
PO Box 619
Whittier, CA 90608
Phone: 1-800-345-6707

NASA Video Film Loan Program
Media Resource Center
NASA LBJ Space Center
2101 NASA Road 1 Bldg.423/AP32
Houston, TX 77058
Phone: (281) 483-4231


Resources on video from NASA Educator Resource Center Network. Click on the above link to access the information for your state or region.
Phone calls, visits or written requests can be made from the Centers. Each center serves a region and can provide a wealth of information, publications, slide sets, audio cassettes, videotapes, lesson plans, teacher guides and more are available. Educators may preview and copy materials during a visit or receive materials from these sites by mail. Visit your regional site at the link above to find out more.


NASA CORE was established for national and international distribution of NASA produced educational materials in audiovisual format. Educators can obtain a catalog and order form from making contact in one of these ways:

Phone: 440-774-1051


Other NASA Educational Products

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NASA TV - Software

NASA Television (NTV) is the Agency's distribution system for live and taped programs. It offers launches and missions as well as informational and educational programming. NTV is transmitted on the GE-2 satellite. NASA Television programs may be videotaped for later use.

NTV Home page: http://www.hq.nasa/gov/ntv.html

NASA TV Education file schedule

Join the Mission Countdown online. Check Mission Schedule for the next space flight.

Live NASA Cams and Mission Displays

Moon Viewer
Download a moon viewer to show students the phases of the moon.Windows version shareware.

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