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Be An Astronaut


Do you want to be an Astronaut? Would you like to travel to distant planets or back to the Moon?
Is being an astronaut your dream job? Find out more about how they are selected, how much they are paid and what they do at the StarChild site. This page will also helps you see what you can do right now to work towards your goal.



1. Learn how to become an astronaut
Visit the NASA Astronaut site which covers the selection and training of astronauts and explains the basic requirements for astronaut applicants, astronaut training and the various types of specialists within the astronaut program.

You can also visit Careers at NASA and in Aeronautics to find out more.

Write about what you found out about the job of an astronaut or what kind of training it takes to become one.


2. Research the Apollo Mission astronauts.
Research one of the Apollo astronauts and create a presentation or report about them. See a sample report for some ideas, guidelines for students, and resources.

See astronaut information for links to each mission's overview and its crew. Click on the small thumbnail of the crew to see information about each astronaut.

or use for detailed biographies of selected Apollo crews from Missions 1 to 17

3. Can you answer these questions?
Which astronauts flew to the Moon more than once?

What were some things that astronauts had in common as far as their education or training?

What are some things that someone your age could start doing now to work towards becoming an astronaut?