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Lunar Module Interior
Click on the picture or diagram to see a larger image.

LM Interior View

The Grumman Lunar Module on display at the Franklin Institute does not have a finished interior. The photos and the two labeled diagrams below will give you an idea of what the interior of a lunar module would look like with all the controls. The photo below (right side) was taken inside Apollo 14.


Apollo 14 interior

ascentinterior diagram

Interior Looking Forward

ascentintrear diagram

Interior Looking Aft


The article about the cockpit of the LM shows the position of the astronauts during flight and tells about some of the design considerations.yourself standing here piloting the LM. The window and the controls from Apollo 11's LM are shown in this photo.

Click here to see a diagram of the controls used in the LM. A larger view is also available.

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