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Robotics - An Introductory Lesson Outline
Part of the Teacher's Section of the J & J Robotics In The Classroom website, this outline will be useful to teachers in creating their own curriculum. Be sure to take the time to browse the other sections of this well designed site which was created as a follow-up to classroom Robotic lessons for Fourth through Sixth Grade. Teachers, students, and anyone else who has an interest in robotics will gain valuable knowledge about the world of robotics from browsing this site!

Lego Engineering
Great information and suggested activitities for using Legos in a Classroom environment to introduce various topics including gears, mathematics, magnetism, making things go, etc.

Bethune Academy's Girl's Robotic Club
Visit Paulette Dukerich's Robotic Club website in Houston, Texas for an intriguing look at introducing robotics into your classroom! The "Introduction to Robots" section is an excellent source of information written in a clear, easily digested manner. Follow the links to their online partnership with schools in Alberta, Canada and be sure to review the Curriculum Ideas for each school.

Mindstorms Home Page
Iincludes programming ideas, teacher information, a parent's section, and a forum to communicate with other Mindstorms users. Many questions, problems, can be answered using the forum.

Robolab Home Page
Includes invention ideas, how to manage the kits in a classroom environment, sample
programs, how Robotics fits in with Curriculum, and an idea exchange where you can share your interesting project ideas with other teachers.

NASA's Robotics Curriculum Clearinghouse
Under the sponsorship of NASA's Robotics Education Project, the Robotics Curriculum Clearinghouse (RCC) maintains a database of links to robotics lesson plans. Each curriculum entry in the RCC database has been peer-reviewed by robotics education professionals. Among other queries, teachers can search the site by grade level, standards addressed, related robotics competitions, or keywords.